NAKSHAA is dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. In today’s economic climate, Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we strive to exceed client expectations by addressing each requirement in a unique and valued manner.We utilize our experience and awareness of market design trends to encourage extremely effective designs and provide guidance and foresight to our clients. Our facilities & software’s are all up-to-date and we have the ability to tackle any engineering obstacle while simultaneously pushing the limits of innovation. 
                      Due to the versatility of our engineering teams we are able to offer a wide range of services, such as –Engineering Drawing, Survey, project management, ConstructionMaterialTestingConsultancy,township planning, infrastructure development, structural & civil engineering, quantity surveying, DPR, value engineering  services.                           We provide engineering services for residential & commercial buildings, hotels, roads & highways, railways (Civil-Electrical), Metro, highways, tunneling, dams, waterworks, sewerage works, massive buildings, Electrical Sub Stations, bridges & flyovers, airports, temples, Showrooms, Movie Complex, ATM Machine Cabin,  hospitals, sports complexes and Shopping malls. 

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The topographic survey involves determining the horizontal and vertical locations of objects on the surface of the earth. Horizontal location entails locating objects like roads, railways, ponds, houses, boundaries of properties etc


Land Surveys (sometimes called cadastral or property surveys) are conducted to establish the exact location, boundaries, or subdivision of a tract of land in any specified area


GPS is an exceedingly precise route framework utilizing signals from satellites to decide an area on the Earth’s surface, independent of climate conditions.


We have a specialized project management team to provide a gamut of project management consultancy services namely, overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling a project from start to finish for smooth and timely delivery of the project 


The aim of leveling is to determine the relative heights of different objects on or below the surface of the earth and to determine the undulation of the ground surface.

Outsource CAD Drafting Service:

This is the service that has bought a revolutionary change in the process of engineering designs and drawings. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. 

Architectural Services

Designing and architectural drafting, services required technical knowledge, manpower and high-level management

Civil Engineering Services

We are your one-stop solution for all your civil engineering services.

Mechanical Services

NAKSHAA specializes in the machine design, conceptual layout, assemble parts and spare part drawings.

director diary

Mr.Prashant Shukla

NAKSHAA is a seven-letter word. But to us, it defines what we do, and what we are. we established our organization in 2019 ourselves with the ambition of becoming a multi-disciplinary civil engineering and various engineering consultancy firm. In less thana decade, we have diversified into almost every sector of engineering. With an enviable track record.Since its inception, NAKSHAA refused to set boundaries defining its apabilities. As a management Director member, I find thisattitude to be the most valuable trait of our company.   We take up challenging projects that others find difficult to execute.

Our Quality Management System has been certified by ISO 9001:2015, and Our Information Security Management System has been certified by ISO 27001:2013.We have ventured into international projects as well, successfullydelivering projects in a host of other countries. Our journey is a result of the trust reposed by clients on Team NAKSHAA.                                                                                                     The road ahead is not,however, without challenges. With new technologies coming out every day, We must never lose sight of our work’s larger strategic impact and the synergy with business goals. We need to become efficient macro-managers, without losing focus of the micro details.  believe, every growing firm has to develop this cascading approach. Yet at our current rate,    I can convincingly say that NAKSHAA will soon transform into a global engineering consulting firm and a name to be reckoned with.At NAKSHAA, we aspire to excel every day, steadfast in our goals To explore, engineer and deliver.

2019 Year Established
27 Projects Completed
606 Testing Completed
14 Man Power

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