Testing Services  Consultany

Soil Test / SPT / Geotechnical Investigation / Earth Resistivity Test

Soil SBC-(Safe Bearing Capacity)/SPT /Geo Technical Investigation for foundation recommendation

Soil Core Cutting test, Sand Replacement Test for Finding out the % of Compaction

Proctor Density Test for Maximum Dry Density

CBR Test, Unconfined Compressive Strength Test

Soil properties Test such as Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity, Free Swell Index, Atterberg limits etc.

Concrete Testing

Concrete Design Mix for all Grade of Concrete, Paver Blocks, Solid Blocks

Concrete Core Test along with Extraction

Concrete Cube Test ( Accelerated Curing Test )

Aggregate Testing including Physical and Chemical properties

Concrete Cube and Slump Test

Cement Test / Fly ash Testing / Mineral / Chemical Admixtures

Physical and Chemical Testing of Mineral Admixtures such as Fly ash, GGBS, Filling materials for Concrete etc

Chemical Admixture – for Uniformity Tests and Requirements

Physical Properties on Mineral admixtures and Chemical Admixtures

Bricks Test

Red Burnt Clay bricks / Fly ash bricks (C.S, W.A, Efflorescence, Dimension)

Blocks Test

Solid blocks / Hollow Blocks / Paver Blocks ( Comp. Strength, W.A, BD)

Drying Shrinkage, Moisture Movement etc.

AAC (Aerated concrete blocks) / CC (Cellular Concrete Products) Blocks Comp.(Strength, Density)

Tiles Test

Dimension / Squareness, Rectangularity Test Water Absorption

Flexural Strength

Breaking Strength


Water Test

Construction purpose

Road Work Testing

GSB, WMM all test, WBM all Test

Existing Pavement Investigation thru Test Pits for Road Works

Soil Compaction, Onsite Lab Set up for Quality Testing Consultancy

Borrow Area Soil Sample Analysis

Dense Bitumen Macadam Thickness​ (DBM)​, DBM Bulk Density (gm/cc), Bitumen Thickness. Bitumen Bulk Density (gm/cc) by taking Core​, Gradation after extraction of Core.​

Pile Load Testing Services

Pile Vertical Load

Lateral Load Test

Thermal Resistivity Test on Soil Properties

Pullout Test /Uplift Load Test

Plate Load Test to find out the Soil SBC and Settlement

Plate Load Test (K Value) to find out Modulus of Sub grade Reaction and SBC Value

Cyclic Plate Load Test

Field CBR Test (Onsite) for Road Projects, Industrial Projects, Power Plants, Port Site etc

Earth Resistivity Test (ERT) for Power Plants, Solar Wind, Tunnel Project, Industrial Plants etc

NDT Test (Non Destructive Testing)

Rebound Hammer Test for assessing the Comp. Strength of existing concrete structure.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test for assessing the integrity of existing concrete structure.

Reinforcement Scanning for Checking the Cover depth in concrete

Carbonation Test on Concrete Core Test